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The most important thing to remember is that these user properties reflect the state of the user and apply across all of their events moving forward until the properties are updated again.

You also do not need to send custom user properties with every event.

'[Amplitude]' will appear next to user properties that our SDKs track automatically.

Custom user properties that you choose to track will not have '[Amplitude]' prefixed.

When a user property changes, all subsequent events will be associated with the new user property.

Furthermore, the top of a user's activity page will display the most recent user properties.Similarly, the CSV download from any chart will display the user's most recent value.This does not always mean this was the user's value at the time they performed the event on the chart, and so it is likely these values will be different from the chart.'Songs Played' will equal '46' for all future events until the property is updated again.At pm, 'Play Song' was fired with 'Songs Played' = 45.

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