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So, where do the, actually, before we even get to where the idea came from, before you got into this, you ran a few other business back when you were 15 years old.

The majority of my buying was done through media buying, which is why I feel qualified to be part of What Runs Where and that scene there, you know, helping to provide that service.

And then the rest of it was search advertising and then contextual advertising which is advertising from tool bars, so pop ups and the like there.

First, am I the only one who finds most analytic packages so freaking confusing that I don’t even use them to grow my sales? Spring Metrics, it’s the conversion tool that’s so easy, you’ll actually use it. With Spring Metrics you’ll quickly see how many orders you have today.

You’ll see how that number compares to last week on the same day. Next, when I wanted a website built, who did I go to? Think of the Zehner Group as your technical co-founder.

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