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If a phone sex hotline and Tinder drank and had a baby, it would come out as Revealr.

You can talk to a person, but can't see what they look like.

It's a no-nonsense approach to dating apps with its "I'm here to f*ck" mentality," but when you see that most of the users may/may not (but definitely are) legit prostitutes, the fun is lost.

I opened Skype for the first time in a while to get on an important business conference call while traveling.

Had to wade through a bunch of stupidly cheery messages about “fun” themes and features.

Another ten minutes of frantically swiping around trying to get a menu up that could help me, and even googling “how to dial an extension on new Skype i OS app” — nothing. It happens mostly when he Skypes me from his office.

It’s so stupidly easy to share photos while on a call (who needs to do that? He has me on his computer monitor so I'm not sure if it's his speakers or the app.

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