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The world of Korean sex is a world at odds with itself.

For all of its adherence to traditional ideals and typically Asian ideology, Korea finds itself gradually slipping in the direction of the more wanton west.

Guys who have put in the hard yards to woo themselves one of the notoriously hard to impress Korean beauties or girls who have been attracted to the sensitivity or slightly more feminine (read: less hairy and smelly) appearance of the Korean man.

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It seems my bout of the so-called ‘yellow fever’ decided to hold off until I returned to Australian shores. So the comments that follow will be based on second hand sources.

And while that may be the reaction that the park draws from the majority of its visitors, at least its getting people to think about and talk about sex.

It’s putting it out there and breaking down the taboo that dictates it belongs behind closed doors.

I’ve heard precious few tales of wild sexual abandon being displayed in the bedroom from my friends who have dipped their toes into the local talent pool.

Obviously pornography is not an accurate portrayal of how the average person is making their love, but I think you can learn a bit about the overarching cultural perception of sex by watching a little of their X-Rated film.

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