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Washington - The first time he was scheduled to die, Tommy Arthur invited his family to death row to say goodbye.

He did that again and again for his next five dates with death, but each time a stay of execution meant that he evaded the lethal injection.

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Input/Output of the Program: Input date and time: 23/12/2014 PM (12 hour format) Output date and time: (24 hour format) In this example we are doing the opposite of what we have done in the above example.The default value of precision is 1 which means only the largest time unit is returned.Additional Details Keep in mind that Rock considers Sunday to be the last day of the week. The 'Now' keyword can be used in place of a date for the current date.Conservative chief justice John Roberts said that although he did not consider the case worthy of the court's review, he agreed to a stay "out of courtesy" to the four judges who did. When working with dates you'll often want to get the current date/time. You can use in places where you'd normally input a date/time to use the current date/time.

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