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If the photo doesn’t say enough, Javar’s caption said it all. @letoyaluckett Congratulations #Thats AGood Man Savannah” he shared beneath the image.Luckett confirmed the news by leaving a little commentary of her own beneath the photo. In posts from her brother on Thursday morning, the news was confirmed once again with video of the mystery man —Dallas-based entrepreneur Tommicus Walker— getting down on one knee during what was suppose to be a surprise birthday party for him.Luckett also showed off the rock on her personal Instagram page. To accompany the album, Luckett released a juicy three-part visual video series in which she starred as the leading lady.While the music videos were packed full of faux relationship drama, it appears in Luckett’s real romantic life, things are going well.are suggesting that the man who got down on bended knee to ask for her hand in front of friends and family is Tommicus Walker, an entrepreneur from Arlington, Texas.Some reports claim he works as an analyst for Fed Ex’s design and implementation department.But Luckett is sharing her side of their story, and did so while being interviewed by this week. Because music has helped me heal from the beginning of my life. I’ve been on panels and even in some of my music I give great advice, and then I find myself in a situation like, “Well that was stupid.” But at the same time, you live and you learn and that’s what life is about.

This will be the former Destiny Child singer’s second engagement.

And there’s certain things that I need to do over here. I share real emotions, especially through my music, which I did on this album.

And we’ve realized that we can’t do those together, right now.” That was the most he could say about their split because according to a clause in their divorce, public statements and social media postings about one another, along with “photos, videos, recordings or other documents” shared with the public were prohibited. I do this, this is my day job, but I’m a lover at heart. But, you know, heartbreak happens when you open up and allow yourself to love. I think after listening back to the album, I could definitely listen to some of my own records after that experience. So I definitely sat back and listened to some of my records and gone, “Dang.” I’m sure that’s tough.

2008 - 2008Le Toya Luckett was once engaged to Slim Thug, but the two have since had some very public disputes(aka Twitter post wars).

Of course, in response to a question about why he split with Luckett, Slim Thug did say "I cheated and had a baby with another chick and it all went down from there." Yeah, gotcha!

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