Manually updating punkbuster for aa3

I would disagree with the new game new start personally but my personal opinion is not relevant.The fact is we need PB running, and AC's do good for the game. (iv) Any new thread must have a title with relevant information to the topic you want to discuss.There are a number of different ways to host an America's Army 3 Server.The two main methods, Launching from a Game Client and Building a dedicated server without game installed will be discussed below.

When you click "Add a Game" the path found is incorrect so you must browse to locate the "Binaries" folder, DO NOT SELECT "pb" folder as it is created or overwritten.On the bottom left of the America's Army Loader window you will see a button marker "Host a Server" Selecting this button will launch the America's Army 3 Server Tool.Please follow the steps below to basic configure and launch your server. From the Map and Mission window select the relevant map and mission type that you would like to run on your server. Enter the Server Authorization IP Address of your server.The name of a thread is just like the headline in a newspaper; it helps you to select threads personally relevant for you.Thread titles like 'looking for...' 'please help', 'I have a problem', 'please read' or 'what's your opinion' are not allowed.

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