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The earliest giraffid was the Climacoceras, which still resembled deer, having large antler-like ossicones. As the lineage went on the genuses Palaeotragus and Samotherium appeared in the early to mid-Miocene.

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There are nine generally accepted subspecies, differentiated by colour and pattern variations and range: Some scientists regard Kordofan and West African Giraffes as a single subspecies; similarly with Nubian and Rothschild's Giraffes, and with Angolan and South African Giraffes. In fact, the study found that the two giraffe populations that live closest to each other— the reticulated giraffe (G.Similar chickens were later seen in the Southern Cape and in Qwaqwa.The Vendas are multicoloured with white, black and red as the predominant colours. The Ovambo chickens originated in the northern part of Namibia and Ovamboland.If a black or red cock is crossed with a Koekoek hen, the sexes of the offspring can be separated when the chicks are only a day old.Sexes can be identified as the females are completely black, while the males have a white spot on the head.

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