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I wanted to touch the women’s portion of the wall, but I didn’t. We went to the segregated Jewish, Christian, and Muslim markets, where I ran into an improv student I had taught at the Annoyance Theatre in NY. But a divided one — our tour guide took us in his armored van past the massive wall that separates Palestine from Israel.I kept asking questions about the Palestinian State.

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Then, we went to a gay bar called Lima Lima, where it was 90’s music night. Nothing starts in Tel Aviv until midnight, at least. I found Volker, the German banker, sitting in the outside terrace of Lima Lima and judging everything. He was far more attractive than I am, and I relished the challenge of ‘dating up.’ I have armor when I am not in NYC.” Some Germans, like Volker, were too cool for school, but I liked playing hard to get. I have come back to NY, and it’s a beast of a city.Most Germans were the friendliest people I’ve ever met…and open in the way of meeting someone on the playa at Burningman with the feeling of, “Welcome to your new home! The first thing that I had to deal with was an accident.We had a very nice time fucking the next afternoon. My 31-year-old body couldn’t recover as quickly as I recommitted to partying each night.During my stay in Germany, I made friends at every turn with the simple ask, “Where are you from? I wished I was younger physically, but I felt spiritually younger then I have in years.

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