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The Sex Offender Registration Act, which is found at 730 ILCS 150 Certain other crimes also require registration in the sex offender registry.The sex offender registration laws also require someone convicted for kidnapping, aggravated kidnapping, unlawful restraint, aggravated unlawful restraint, and luring a child into a car to register as a sex offender if the victim was under 18 years of age, the offender was not a parent of the victim, and if the defendant was sexually motivated to commit the crime.The Illinois sex offender registration laws prohibit anyone who is convicted of a sex offense after 2010, from using a social networking website during the time the sex offender is on probation, parole or mandatory supervised release.The sex offender registration laws in Illinois do not forbid a sex offender from living with a child.However, the sex offender must report to the local police department within three days of moving into a home that has a child younger than 18 year of age who is not the sex offender’s child.In 2012, Illinois adopted retroactive registration requirements for sex offenders or sexual predators.

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The 10-year period begins immediately if the person receives a sentence of probation or it begins upon release from incarceration.Once the government forces someone to register, the sex offender registration laws require the sex offender to register with the local police department on an annual basis for as long as the law requires.Often times, the hardest part of registering as a sex offender are the severe restrictions on where a sex offender can be, the people he or she can be around, and the places the sex offender can live.Anyone adjudicated as a sex offender or as a sexual predator must register with the chief of police of the municipality in which he or she lives.The person must register in person and must provide: The sex offender registration laws in Illinois require a sex offender to register every place that he or she will live in for 3 days or more in any calendar year.

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