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In 2000, AOLiza returned to the element of surprise on the AOL Instant Messenger system.

Like my program, and unlike the Loebner test, users do not expect to be talking to a machine.

Users in the Loebner (Turing Test) contest expect that some of the entrants will be machines.

But no one expected to hit a program when they sent me BITNET chat messages.

for you it must have 05/02/89 :5 been 20 years 05/02/89 Police interrogation teams will be familiar with this method of "keep asking the same question, ignoring all answers, until he cracks". The next day, I logged in, and was amazed to find out what my machine had been up to in my absence.

Here is the So what's the secret of an effective Turing Test-passer? Hutchens, author of Mega HAL (see 1996 Loebner transcript), has written a document, How to Pass the Turing Test by Cheating.

There were numerous hilarious incidents, but this is the best one. I've logged out and gone off with my girlfriend, leaving Eliza (or "MGonz" as I called it) to mind the fort.

This goes back to an "Eliza" AI chat program (see What is an "Eliza" program?

) that I wrote in early 1987, in the 2nd year of my undergraduate degree at University College Dublin, Ireland.

Well, every time we queried who was logged on to our undergraduate VAX machine, there was this mysterious user MGONZ, logged in day and night.

Inevitably, a mythology grew up around him, a Church of MGonz was founded, and so on.

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