Speed dating advice tips

Speed dating allows couples to check out the chemistry in three minutes flat and on a regular night, you might be able to clock as many as forty dates.

But since time is so short, it is crucial that you make the right impression on your speed dating partners.

There are lots of questions you can ask about your partner which are fun and interesting without being sexual.

Be natural and sincere and your date is sure to be charmed by your smile.Send them an email if you want to meet up, but keep it short, friendly and casual.Moreover if they don’t respond within a day, don’t go on sending reminders or repeat mails.If you are taking too much alcohol, it might dull your wits and distract your attention – something which you just cannot afford to do at such events where you are trying to learn as much as possible about your partner in the shortest possible time.Keep score As you are check yes or no against your scorecard, make sure that you write the girl’s name against her number.

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    Once you're ready to contact someone, adds that it's best to keep messages cool and casual. You'll have to give a lot of frogs the ol' cheek turn.

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