Who is lorenzo martone dating

Lorenzo Martone (born May 14, 1979) is an entrepreneur in the fashion industry.Martone was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and currently resides in New York City where he manages multiple businesses and entrepreneurial projects.Wedding date or not, Marc and Lorenzo started dating in 2008, making their public debut at New York's annual Met Gala.They were later engaged, then rumored to be married over the holidays in December 2009.Martone is Jacobs’ Brazilian former fiancé, whom the designer began dating in 2008. A source said some guests at the party were using drugs “G,” for club drug GHB, and “Tina,” a form of crystal meth. Jacobs has commented he’s used gay hookup app Grindr with another boyfriend, former porn star Harry Louis, whom he dated after Martone.

Since then, Caitlyn Shockley joined as partner and the company was renamed The Creative NYC and opened a showroom in Chelsea in May 2014. Last March, his longtime partner, Robert Duffy, stepped down, and Marc by Marc ­Jacobs officially shut down. It was fun for ‘group’ get togethers, but, what really excites me is my work! A rep for Jacobs told us: This is “nothing we would comment [on] as a company.” On Sunday, The Post ran a piece on the state of Jacobs’ business.Marc Jacobs — who accidentally posted a nude selfie to Instagram in June with the caption “It’s yours to try! Sources told Page Six the single designer hosted an orgy over the weekend with up to 10 people, whom he invited via Grindr. A source who claimed to have attended the all-male flesh bacchanal told us Jacobs sent guests a shirtless shot, seemingly posing in a walk-in closet, showing his washboard abs — plus two more pics with no pants from the side and back.

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