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They fight and Jack beats the assassin, who he then tortures for information about Toby's whereabouts.

The assassin tells Jack that Toby was kidnapped by Katie, Jack's/Roberto's ex-wife.

INTERVIEW WITH PAZ VEGA (' Flor'): Was your audition different than from how you played the character? I don't know how [director James Brooks] called after that. How did you develop a relationship with the actress who plays your daughter? She’s a kid and she’s great, she’s a fantastic little woman and actress. I never worked with kids before and it was very interesting. Somebody in Spain, I don't know who or where, said to me, “Never work with kids or with animals because it is very, very hard.” And this movie, kids and animal, and it was great. I loved working with kids because the energy is great. The biggest difference is living in another city and not knowing anybody.

That audition I did in the house, my husband taping me. Sometimes, you know, kids get tired and blah, blah, blah and I would say, “Shh, shut up!

He manages to free her and they escape the fire unhurt. When Amaya explained to Toby who her father really was, Amaya was able to enlist Toby (using the magic of Santa Muerte) to help exact an even worse revenge on Jack/Roberto.

The viewer thinks this is the end of the movie and that it has a happy ending. Amaya tells Toby that her father will kill her mother (which in fact happened earlier when Jack was duped by the assassin he tortured into killing Katie to find Toby).

Jack escapes from the FBI in Texas and makes his way across the border to Acuna.

Jack is later able to escape from the Mexican jail in disguise. As he planned, he lured the assassin who was looking for him to come to his hotel.Jack breaks into the brothel that Katie now runs in Acuna and confronts Katie, who is herself furious that Jack/Roberto ran out on her without warning and took Toby with him.Jack thinks Katie is lying when she says she does not know where Toby is, and murders her. When I was shooting I just talked with people, because I didn’t have time to have classes after the shoot. Tea, she’s fantastic, she, in the movie, all the time is crying, upset but not [of the screen].

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