Zhou dating

When Cullen comes back, her father is gone at that point and she wants connection.

She longs for a physical connection as well, and she can’t have that with anyone else because nobody knows who she really is.

Q: What was the most interesting thing you learned about the Chinese immigrant experience? ” It sounds almost silly when you’re acting because you feel a sense of comfort and you’re ultimately in a safe environment.

A: The tunnel blasting scenes were really interesting and you really get transported. You realize people risked their lives building this railroad in hopes of a small piece of an American dream for themselves.

But the big question is why these dating websites are so popular?Do you believe she would have pulled the trigger had Cullen not showed up? I really think she had been running and she was trapped in a corner with a gun. During that moment, I think she was debating if she could do it and she was running through the emotions of hatred and revenge.Q: Do you think Cullen’s killing of Chang was a profession of his love for Mei, or did he have it out for Chang anyway? ” [ Cullen came back, but I guess maybe she was always holding onto hope that he would come back.Even if she got rid of Chang, that would not change.He is symbolic of the suppression of her people and he’s her father’s murderer. She feels she’s able to say that to him because at that particular point, she’s holding him at gunpoint and she’s not in a place of weakness. Q: Were you surprised Mei pulled that gun out on Chang?

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